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Yu is terminally ill. He says, “I was not ready to live until I was ready to die. This life is a lot better than the one before.” Yu regards dying as __________.
A) imprisonment
B) part of life’s journey
C) an experience to be transformed
D) a mandate to live more fully
Mrs. Lewandowski is dying. She says, “I feel like I’m watching a ticking time bomb … like there is no future.” Mrs. Lewandowski regards dying as __________.
A) imprisonment
B) a mandate to live ever more fully
C) part of life’s journey
D) an experience to be transformed
For a dying person, profound depression __________.
A) impairs the immune response
B) inhibits pain and suffering
C) is associated with increased survival
D) does not respond to treatment
Before Mr. Ortega died, he was able to restore his relationship with his brother. Mr. Ortega’s death made sense in terms of his pattern of living and values. He experienced a(n) __________ death.
A) passive
B) active
C) unresolved
D) appropriate
According to recent theorists, __________.
A) dying people rarely have unfinished needs they want to address
B) a single strategy, such as acceptance, is not best for every dying patient
C) dying patients need to reach a state of peace before succumbing
D) every patient experiences the denial phase when first diagnosed