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Posted by bio_man   June 16, 2017   3757 views

A new psychology study suggests that women are better than men at reading people's thoughts and emotions, just by looking at the eyes.

Researchers from around the globe tested the way genes influence a person's cognitive empathy; their ability to accurately recognise another person's emotional state. 90,000 people were shown different photographs of people's eyes and asked to determine their mood. Results showed that women more consistently picked the correct feeling when the participants had to select what emotion they perceived when shown a visual of a person's eyes.

This is the first big study on cognitive empathy and its relationship to gender. The international research team has also identified a potential genetic region that influences this skill in women, but not men. These findings have lead to further questions as to why women are more receptive to emotional cues.

The study was led by the University of Cambridge and involved collaborators from Australia, France, the Netherlands, and the United States.


emotions psychology gender men women eyes
Posted in Research
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