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Are women better than men at sensing emotions?
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0 3743 bio_man 3 months ago
"Give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you."
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0 14327 duddy 7 months ago
An essential bone lost
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0 15928 duddy 8 months ago
Riskier choices are more likely to be made at night
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0 9998 duddy 9 months ago
8 glasses of water a day might be excessive
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0 11569 duddy 11 months ago
Early marijuana use correlated with lower IQ
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1 8082 duddy 11 months ago
Chances are you're an envious person
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0 4343 duddy A year ago
Is yawning a sign of empathy?
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0 2731 duddy A year ago
One step closer to invisibility
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0 2499 duddy A year ago
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