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5 years ago
What is the relationship between flow rate and vessel radius?  Can you explan what they are asking for?
Thank you,
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5 years ago
Hey, this should help I think.

5 years ago
This link didn't answer my question asking what is the relationship between flow rate and vessel radius.  can you explain what flow rate and vessel radius is?  Maybe then I can figure it out.
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5 years ago
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Interesting question.. Im not too sure, but I know that the size of the vessel radius affects the flow rate of blood..  if the vessel radius is small, the blood flow rate decreases, but if the vessel radius is bigger, the blood flow rate increases. 
5 years ago
Thank you Mekayla.  That gives me enough insight to answer the question.  You are great!
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5 years ago
Generally, if the vessel radius is increased, the flow rate will increase.
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5 years ago
Ur welcome... Im working on the same assignment, so anything u have on it can u post it?  Thanks in advance!!
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