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Valued Member
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5 years ago
What is the difference between a community and a population? What are some distinguishing properties of communities? What is a guild? Give examples. What is a plant life-form? Give examples.
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Sunshine ☀ ☼
5 years ago
A community is an association of interacting species. A population is a group of individuals of a single species inhabiting a specific area. Community attributes include the number of species, the relative abundance of species, and the kinds of species comprising a community. A guild is a group of organisms that all make their living in a similar way, for example, the seed-eating animals in an area of desert, the fruit-eating birds in a tropical rain forest, or the filter-feeding invertebrates in a stream. The life-form of a plant is a combination of its structure and its growth dynamics. Plant life-forms include trees, vines, annual plants, sclerophylous vegetation, grasses, and forbs.
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