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5 years ago
Suppose that you want to take a photograph of yourself as you look at your image in a flat mirror 2.4  away. For what distance should the camera lens be focused?
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5 years ago
Here's a hint: The image in a plane mirror is the same distance behind the mirror as the object is in front of the mirror.
5 years ago
So, you want your photograph of yourself in the mirror. In other words you want the photograph of the image produced on the mirror. Your image in the mirror would be 4.8m away from you and therefore the camera must be focused for 4.8m right?
5 years ago
this depends on the f number of the camera lens. you'll see this as, for example, an f/1.4 camera lens.

once you know this, then you can use the lens makers formula to determine where the camera can be placed to focus the image correctly.
5 years ago
Solutions are posted, it's double the distance, enjoy!
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