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5 years ago
What is a typical state court system like? What are some of the differences between the state and federal court systems?
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5 years ago
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The typical state court system can be based on the reform or nonreform model. Reform states have streamlined judicial systems consisting of trial courts of limited and general jurisdiction, supplemented by appellate courts.
Nonreform or traditional states continue to utilize systems that are a conglomeration of the multilevel and redundant courts with poorly defined jurisdictions. There are several differences between federal and state courts that can be discussed. First, the two court systems have different jurisdiction over various issues of law. Second, the number of cases processed by the two systems is very different. Far more cases are processed through state court systems than the federal court system. Third, the types of cases processed by the
two systems are different, as many more misdemeanors and offenses are processed in
state court systems. Finally, state court systems are much more likely to have instituted some informal type of court, such as dispute resolution centers, to handle some cases.
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