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What percentage of nature vs. nurture dictates human intelligence?
100% Nature
75% Nature; 25% Nurture
50% Nature; 50% Nurture
25% Nature; 75% Nurture
100% Nurture
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Posts: 2829
A year ago
Climate models indicate that ________ is(are) one of the strongest indications of global warming.
A) the hole in the ozone in Australia
B) retreating glaciers in Alaska
C) loss of sea ice in the Arctic
D) El Niño
E) melting of Antarctica
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ןnɟʎoɾ sʎɐʍן∀ Slight Smile
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Posts: 3857
A year ago
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A year ago
Exactly what I needed, exam is tomorrow!
ןnɟʎoɾ sʎɐʍן∀ Slight Smile
A year ago
Let me know if you need anything else
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