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6 years ago
Can any one please help me with the answers of this lab specifically Activity 1, 2 and 5,6. I'd really appreciate it, thank you!
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6 years ago
Hi lala908! I will not give you all the answers but I will help you with Activity 1 and 2.

Respiratory Volumes
Activity 2: Measuring Normal Respiratory Volumes

      1. Minute respiratory volume: 7,500 ml
      2. Judging from the trace you generated, inspiration took place over how many seconds? 2 seconds
      3. Expiration took place over how many seconds? 2 seconds
      4. Does the duration of inspiration or expiration vary during ERV or FVC? No they do not vary.

Activity 3: Effect of Restricted Air Flow on Respiratory Volumes

      1. How does this set of data compare to the data you recorded for Activity 2? The MRV is 3075 and the breathing is not as strong
      2. Is the respiratory system functioning better or worse than it did in the previous activity? Explain why. The breathing is more shallow and incomplete. The lungs are not able to inhale or exhale as much as in Activity 2
      3. What is the effect of reducing the radius of the air flow tube on respiratory volumes? The air flow was decreasing, which decreased the respiratory volume.
      4. What does the air flow tube simulate in the human body? The trachea
      5. What could be some possible causes of reduction in air flow to the lungs? An allergic reaction could cause the trachea to swell which would restrict air flow or an obstruction could block some or the entire trachea causing the air flow to decrease as well.

Hope this helps you out!
6 years ago
Thank you  Slight Smile
6 years ago
Sure no problem! If you get stuck on a specific problem let me know and I will see if I can help!  Wink Face
6 years ago
 i have one more question for activity 6, the questions "what do you think is the clinical importance of the FVC and FEV 1 value?" and "why do you think the ratio of these 3 valves is important to the clinician when diagnosing respiratory diseases?" I'd appreciate it if you could help me with these two!
6 years ago
I need help
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