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4 years ago
Compare and Contrast the growth process and the life cycle of plants and animals (Hint: be sure to demonstrate an understanding of meristems and "alternation of generations" in plants and how these differ from animals).
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4 years ago
Growth process in plants and animals!

both grow in order to maintain their existance.
Both utilises natural resources for their growth.
Both show a sequential pattern of events such as younger then older.
Both reproduce in order to maintain their race.

plants show an unlimited growth while animals are limited to a certain degree of growth.

Plants uses their meristematic tissue lies at the tips.
While animals don't show regional differentiation of growth.
In certain plants there is alternation of generation. (For example in one birth you are only child for the whole birth and in the next birth you are adult with no any other state involved)
that is in one time they produce gametes to sustain reproduction and in next only other vegetative with growth but no reproduction.
No such thing happen in animals.
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