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4 years ago
Why can't plant cell  live without a cell wall?
What would happen if the plant cell lost this organelle?

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4 years ago
If a plant cell didn't have it's cell wall there would be nothing to support it, it wouldn't be a stable cell.  There would be no way for the cells to stay together or much less for them to interact with each other (neighboring cells are connected by plasmodesmata)
4 years ago
If it didn't have a cell wall then it wouldn't be able to function and everything would pour out of it.
4 years ago
The cell wall is composed of cellulose and gives plants rigidity, strength and structure. Trees grow strong and tall because of this cellulose. Without it plants would be a blob of jelly.
4 years ago
the cell wall supports and protects the plant cell

take osmosis for example,
only plants are exposed to fresh water, animal cells and bacteria are rarely , usually never, exposed to fresh water. since the solution or cytoplasm inside the cell membrane is hypotonic (less concentrated with water) than the fresh water , osmotic pressure will cause water to diffuse across the cell membrane into the cell (osmosis), trying to equalize the concentration, causing the cell to inflate. the cell wall protects this cell from bursting. so if there was no cell wall, plants could not intake fresh water.

hope that helps
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