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4 years ago
I was working on my homework and got stuck hopefully somebody can assist me so that I can finish this problem. Thanks a lot.

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4 years ago
question must be typed up before anyone will care to look at it. Thinking Face
akc3,  hillhooper
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Posts: 4
4 years ago Edited: 4 years ago, vpechenyy
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The picture involves the directions, but the question reads:

The diagram below illustrates the life cycle of one type of gymnosperm, a conifer. Indicate which structures in the life cycle are haploid or diploid (using pink labels), and label the processes (using blue labels) and stages (using white labels).
Drag the labels to their appropriate locations on the diagram. Labels may be used more than once. Use only white labels for white targets, pink labels for pink targets, and blue labels for blue targets.

Post Merge: 4 years ago

  Neutral Face Neutral Face Neutral Face ------------------------->   Thinking Face Thinking Face Thinking Face  ------------------------->   Electric Light Bulb Electric Light Bulb Electric Light Bulb
Just kept guessing and finally managed to figure it out. If there's anyone else having trouble with the same problem I have attached the answer picture below. You're Welcome. Waving Hand Sign
4 years ago
The above is correct
4 years ago
Awesome thanks so much for asking this question.
4 years ago
Thanks! Slight Smile
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