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9 months ago
List six interventions that change agents might consider using.
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9 months ago
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a)   Sensitivity training refers to a method of changing behavior through unstructured group interaction. Members are brought together in a free and open environment in which participants discuss themselves and their interactive processes, loosely directed by a professional behavioral scientist.
b)   One tool for assessing attitudes held by organizational members, identifying discrepancies among member perceptions, and solving these differences is the survey feedback approach.
c)   The purpose of process consultation is for an outside consultant to assist a client to perceive, understand, and act upon process events with which he or she must deal. These might include work flow, informal relationships among unit members, and formal communication channels.
d)   Team building utilizes high-interaction group activities to increase trust and openness among team members.
e)   Intergroup development seeks to change the attitudes, stereotypes, and perceptions that    groups have of each other.
f)   Appreciative inquiry seeks to identify the unique qualities and special strengths of an organization, which can then be built upon to improve performance. That is, it focuses on an organization's successes rather than its problems.
8 months ago

Honestly you're a godsend
8 months ago
You're very welcome Happy Dummy
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