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What percentage of nature vs. nurture dictates human intelligence?
100% Nature
75% Nature; 25% Nurture
50% Nature; 50% Nurture
25% Nature; 75% Nurture
100% Nurture
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Q: Do you trust the mainstream media?Voting closed: 9 months ago
100% of the time
8 (4.8%)
75% of the time
10 (6.1%)
50% of the time
45 (27.3%)
25% of the time
56 (33.9%)
46 (27.9%)
Total Voters: 43
Posts: 20619
10 months ago
Hi all,

With the mainstream getting the 2016 election wrong, we're curious of your throughts. Do you still trust the media, such as CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, etc.?

Let us hear your thoughts, maybe we can get a healthy debate going
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3 Replies
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10 months ago
big NOPE
9 months ago
I don't support or listen to mainstream media. Watch how many fear they have had allocated into us over the years, so far scholar articles are the only one I trust..
7 months ago
Nope, i do my own independent research before forming an opinion
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