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4 years ago
Discuss the arguments presented by liberals and conservatives regarding affirmative action. Is there a trend towards eliminating affirmative action? Why or why not?
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Sunshine ☀ ☼
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4 years ago
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cramsey,  beaty444,  itsbuddy
Liberals tend to defend affirmative action as being the most direct way to provide equal economic opportunity for everyone in society. It is also a way to protect minorities from the ongoing discrimination that exists in the United States. Conservatives tend to agree that equal opportunity should exist for everyone, but consider that putting race or sex ahead of a person's ability to do the work is reverse discrimination. Also, conservatives usually maintain that affirmative action stigmatizes the people who benefit from it because it suggests that race or sex, rather than merit, are responsible for their position.

It appears there is a trend towards eliminating or greatly curtailing affirmative action based on the growing conservative view, especially as more African Americans improve their class status. This is also supported by the passage of legislation by voters in California (Proposition 209) and Michigan (Proposition 2).
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