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10 months ago
What is the action of luteinizing hormone (LH)?
A) LH stimulates the secretion of interstitial-cell stimulating hormone (ICSH).
B) LH stimulates interstitial cells of the testes to produce testosterone.
C) LH stimulates the secretion of inhibin.
D) LH stimulates the sustentacular cells of the testes to secrete androgen-binding protein (ABP).
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10 months ago
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9 months ago Edited: 9 months ago, DLS

LH stimulates interstitiaL cells called Leydig cells, which secrete testosterone.

FSH stimulates Sertoli cells, which secrete Mullerian-inhibiting Substance aka MIS (in utero) and inhibin.  MIS is also called Mullerian-inhibiting factor, anti-Mullerian hormone, etc.
9 months ago
I got this one right, I owe you one
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