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What percentage of nature vs. nurture dictates human intelligence?
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9 months ago
Predict the possible genotypes of offspring of a couple who both are heterozygous for free earlobes. The trait for free earlobes are carried on the dominant allele while the trait for attached earlobes is carried on the recessive allele.
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9 months ago
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The dominant allele, E, is for the free earlobe trait. The recessive allele, e, is for the attached earlobe trait. Both parents are heterozygous for free earlobes; thus, the genotype for each parent is Ee. The possible genotypes of their offspring are EE (1/4, or 25%), Ee (2/4, or 50%), and ee (1/4, or 25%).
8 months ago
Crunchy! lol

Thanks for answering, 100% right
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