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Q: Where do you get your textbooks?
Amazon or alike
34 (54%)
Specialty textbook website
3 (4.8%)
Campus bookstore
9 (14.3%)
Textbook swap service
1 (1.6%)
E-Book from Publisher
3 (4.8%)
2 (3.2%)
11 (17.5%)
Total Voters: 31
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8 months ago Edited: 8 months ago, bio_man
We're currently working on our study tips section. A topic came up about textbooks, so we're curious how students of 2017 purchase their textbooks.

Interestingly, the average student spends nearly $900 each year on textbooks...
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8 months ago

Every student is spending so much money on text books.One thing I noticed is when you buy a new text book for some $x,then after the semester you will lose its value by more than 50%

like wise even if you rent still you are losing

even if you buy used book still you are losing money.

If you buy e-text still you are losing

If you want to sell it in amazon still you are losing.

where do we get value for money is the biggest question after spending money on tution and accomodation.
8 months ago
But isn't the value of something like a textbook subjective? If you benefit from it, I believe it's worth the dough. But to believe that a textbook will appreciate in value, that'll never happen. I think the best method would be to buy a used textbook.

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