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8 months ago
Thermoregulation is the term used when biological systems attempt to maintain temperature. After watching the previous animations and reading the textbook, prepare a summary table. Outline the body’s thermoregulatory response to

•   an increase in internal temperature due to exertion
•   a colder external temperature than body temperature

Explain how peripheral heat loss, selective vasoconstriction, vasodilation, and countercurrent heat exchange are involved in each circumstance.

    Increased temperature (body)  due to exertion   T (body) > T (environment)
Peripheral heat loss     
Countercurrent exchange
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8 months ago
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Hi Irinaaa,

I have answered your question below, in the attachment. Please mark this topic as solved if you like what you read. Otherwise, get back to me!
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8 months ago
Thank you sooooooo much just what i was looking for!!!!! Smiling Face with Open Mouth Smiling Face with Open Mouth Smiling Face with Open Mouth Smiling Face with Open Mouth
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