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8 months ago Edited: 8 months ago, irinaaa
all organisms produce heat as they use atp in cellular respiration. in this part of the investigation you need to create an experimental plan that demonstrates that heat is a product of germinating seeds. hypothesize relationship between the variable and the predicted results are clear. steps are outlined and listed step by step.
what could the possible source of error in your procedure or data collection?why? explain what results would support your hypothesis? predict reslts of your investigation if you let it run for a few days.justify your prediction.
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8 months ago
Hi irinaaa,

Does this question include more information?

I feel like there's something missing...
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8 months ago
no thats the whole question:( i have no idea what that question means. i think if i just wrote the steps of the heat produced by germinating seeds it wold be good enough.and the predicted results
8 months ago
Did it look something like this?
Attached file
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