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Q: Which 'study break' activity do you find most distracting?
Talking / texting
13 (17.6%)
Playing video games
9 (12.2%)
Listening to music
5 (6.8%)
Watching TV
19 (25.7%)
Browsing the web
18 (24.3%)
6 (8.1%)
4 (5.4%)
Total Voters: 37
Posts: 58
7 months ago Edited: 7 months ago, Biology-Forums
With the endless amount of distractions you face daily, what's distracting you the most?
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4 Replies
B.Sc. (Biology)
Staff Member
7 months ago
Naps used to kill me, 3, 4 hour power naps lol
Mastering in Nutritional Biology
Tralalalala Slight Smile
6 months ago
Listening to music is the most distract I've because you have to change the station or song whenever you don't like the song being played. It helps when all your songs are good though, but most people's playlists are filled with very layer songs so having it on makes it counter productive.
6 months ago
Completely agree and when they're really good songs you could end up dancing!
I usually like listening to instrumentals instead or music in a language I could not sing to Face with Stuck-out Tongue It works Slight Smile
B.Sc in Biology
M.Sc Neuroscience
PhD. Candidate in Neuroscience

6 months ago
With an excellent playlist, you can do a lot Wink Face
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