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4 years ago
Bones are covered and lined by a protective tissue called periosteum. The inner (osteogenic) layer consists primarily of
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4 years ago
Osteoblasts and osteoclasts.
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4 years ago
Periosteum consists of dense irregular connective tissue. Periosteum is divided into an outer "fibrous layer" and inner "cambium layer" (or "osteogenic layer"). The fibrous layer contains fibroblasts, while the cambium layer contains progenitor cells that develop into osteoblasts. These osteoblasts are responsible for increasing the width of a long bone and the overall size of the other bone types. As opposed to osseous tissue, periosteum has nociceptors nerve endings, making it very sensitive to manipulation. It also provides nourishment by providing the blood supply. Periosteum is attached to bone by strong collagenous fibers called Sharpey's fibres, which extend to the outer circumferential and interstitial lamellae. It also provides an attachment for muscles and tendons.

Choose: Cartilage and compact bone!
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