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5 years ago
1. explain the effect the decreasing temperature had on the frog heart. How well do you think the human heart would respond?
2. describe why ringers solution is required to maintain heart contractions?
3. Explain the effect that increasing the temperature had on the frogs heart. How do you think the human heart would respond?
4. describe the effect that pilocarpine had on he heart,and why it had this effect.
5. Atrophine is an acetylcholine antagonist. Does atrophine inhibit or enhance the effects of acetylcholine? describe your results and how they correlate with the drug works.
6. Describe the benifits of administering digitalis?
7. distinguish between cholinergic and adrenerginic  modifiers? include examples
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5 years ago
6. Describe the benifits of administering digitalis?

Digitalis decreases the heart rate and increases the force of contraction thus increasing stroke volume.
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