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6 years ago
Organisms that reproduce sexually have an evolutionary advantage over organisms that reproduce asexually. Explain and support this statement.
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Staff Member
6 years ago
Sexual reproduction allows for twice the chance of an organisms offspring having a gene mutation, as the organisms DNA comes from two sources with differing genes. This increased chance means that the organism can evolve at a faster rate and therefore adapt more quickly, resulting in an advantage.
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6 years ago
Sexual reproduction = more variation. Long term, variation gives more adaptability; short term, it's easier to foil predators.
6 years ago
Sexual reproduction has an evolutionary advantage because it increased genetic diversity. Asexual reproduction, such as budding from the parent body, relies upon random genetic mutation in order to achieve diversity. Sexual reproduction blends genes from two sources in order to create a new individual quite different from the two parents. It is this blending which creates diversity.

Take a read at this: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8062455
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