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5 years ago
1. Identify which of the stimulus modalities induced the largest amplitude receptor potential in the olfactory receptors. How well did the results compare with your prediction?

2.  The olfactory receptor also contains a membrane protein that recognizes isoamylacetate and, via several other molecules, transduces the odor stimulus into a receptor potential. Does the Pacinian corpuscle likely have this isoamylacetate receptor protein? Does the free nerve ending likely have this isoamylacetate receptor protein?

3.  What type of sensory neuron would likely respond to the green light?

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5 years ago
Exercise title? #?
5 years ago
I am trying to complete Exercise 3 > Activity 7: Review Sheet for The Action Potential: Conduction
5 years ago
The last one is photoreceotors, Im having problems with number 2.
5 years ago
The only thing I could find was probably not, because the Pacinian corpuscles and the free nerve endings can't sense smells so no stimulus would occur.
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