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Posted by bio_man on Aug 25, 2017
Dear community members,

Over the next few weeks, will officially rebrand to a new name and new URL.

This means that our once beloved Biology-Forums identity will retire once-and-for-all to give rise to a whole new identity. You can even say that Biology-Forums has finally "evolved" over the course of its seven-year life span (no pun intended).

Over the past few weeks, our team had debated when would be a good time to transition. We decided for the end of August due to obvious reasons: students are just starting their fall semester, and this gives them the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with the website and its new name. Interestingly, this idea was first proposed back in 2014, and only now has it come to fruition.

Since the beginning of conception, we've been adding new subjects year after year. We now cover over 80 subjects, from business to nursing, mathematics to engineering, and only eight relate to biology. So, it made sense to us that a change was well overdue. We feel that this change will remove the glass ceiling that has prevented our community from becoming a powerhouse in the online-tutoring market, especially since our guests usually identify our website as a science discussion tool.

In case you're still confused, none of the features you've grown to love will change – neither will the layout or staff. The only thing changing is the website's name and its logo, which will reflect the new URL, Our moto / tagline will also change from Master Your Courses to Problem Solved, because that's what we're good at doing – solving your problems. However, we wholeheartedly believe that you can still master your courses here if you put your trust in our community.

Furthermore, there's no need to memorize the new URL either, because visiting any current URL will automatically redirect you to Study Force - Problem Solved. One thing that's still open to debate is whether we will change all instances of "biology forums" recorded in our database to "study force". For example, the blog below mentions how 'biology forums' is different than tutoring. Should we erase history our seven-year history, only time will tell.

For further updates, check back soon,
Biology Forums Study Force Team (sounds a lot better)
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Posted by Study Force on Jan 31, 2017
Our free resources provide a cost-effective alternative to tutoring without sacrificing quality.

The practice of tutoring has been around, presumably, since the caveman era. Sure, pen and paper didn't exist, but the idea of showing somebody else how to do something did. Once tutoring hit the academic world, there were private tutors, followed by expensive "gurus" who helped college students cram before important tests, followed by behemoth test prep companies like Kaplan, followed by the advent of online tutoring.

The one thing that unites these forms of tutoring is money – a lot of it. If students want to reap the rewards of a knowledgeable tutor or expert, they have to pay a pretty penny. Consistent help from a tutor will easily reach the $1,000-plus level.

Herein lies the biggest difference between Study Force - Problem Solved and traditional conceptions of tutoring – money, or a lack thereof. Considering our depressed economy and the already limited budgets of students, our free resources provide a cost-effective alternative to tutoring without sacrificing quality. Even if students choose to purchase one Study Force - Problem Solved's premium memberships, it will cost them as little as $3.99/day, which is roughly 15% of the cost of one live tutoring session.

Other differences include:

At Your Convenience

An asynchronous learning model. Rather than a scheduled, face-to-face meeting with a tutor, our users can get help whenever they need it without being constrained by their tutor's schedule. Study Force - Problem Solved's Q&A Board operates like an academic text message – members send out a question, then are informed when the solution has been provided.

Always Accessible

An open learning model. Tutoring sessions begin and end – the material (and learning) is left at the session and cannot be accessed again. At Study Force - Problem Solved, all Q&A dialogues, all resources, all textbook solutions, and all practice exams are freely available to search through and learn from.

Support Network

A one-to-many model rather than a one-to-one model. Study Force - Problem Solved functions much like a face-to-face study group, where students share notes, walk each other through difficult homework problems and take practice tests. If one peer doesn't have the solution, another peer almost surely will.

Mutual Assistance

The person providing help can assist students when they want to, rather than being obligated to help at certain times. It's no secret that our community is fueled by subject enthusiasts, educators and students who love providing help to others. At Study Force - Problem Solved, you can earn rewards for helping others, but do not need to be locked into a certain timeframe. Members appreciate, rather than expect help.

Now, don't get us wrong – there are several benefits to tutoring, many of which Study Force - Problem Solved offers on the Web site. Math, science and engineering are time-intensive, difficult subjects, and millions of students turn to help every year in these areas. Our Web site and tutoring are certainly not mutually exclusive, but for anyone seeking that extra academic boost or dose of comprehension, Study Force - Problem Solved is a great place to go before emptying your wallet.
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Posted by bio_man on Sep 18, 2014
Here you'll find a list of blogs we update on a regular basis. If you'd like to contribute to one of these blogs (or even start your own), do not hesitate to send me a personal message with your ideas. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
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