Solve Problems Using Linear Systems

Now you know a number of different ways to solve a system of linear equations. You can solve:

  • graphically by hand
  • algebraically by elimination
  • algebraically by substitution

In this section, you learn how to create equations from word problems, then apply any one of the methods above to solve them. The first videos reintroduces to how you setup basic linear models from words taught in grade 9. It’s imperative that you watch this tutorial before proceeding to the main examples.

Now that you’ve become reacquainted with setting up linear equations from words, it’s time you see how many real-life problems can be solved by solving a system of equation. Each type is labeled under its own heading and indexed below.

  1.   Solve a Break-Even Point Problem
  2.   Solve a Distance, Speed, Time Problem
  3.   Solve a Mixture Problem
  4.   Solve a bank interest problem
  5.   Other

The first example shows how math can benefit business owners when deciding which product saves the company the most money. This can be done by calculating the break-even point, which refers to the point when total revenue equals the total cost â€“ this occurs at the point of intersection.

Solve a Break-Even Point Problem

Solve a Distance, Speed, Time Problem

Solve a Mixture Problem

Solve a bank interest problem

Extra problems: Convert verbal statements into algebraic equations then solve