Welcome to Study Force Academy

We’re proud to announce the latest addition to Study Force’s education network, Study Force Academy. Study Force Academy welcomes learners from all walks of life to enjoy educational courses that are delivered in an organized and systematic approach.

Currently, we’re focusing on developing math courses offered in high schools and some colleges all across Canada and the United States. The courses are developed alongside official curriculum documents, and are delivered and written by certified educators with high school and college teaching experience. The academy is an extension of our popular YouTube channel, which currently offers over 2,000 free videos. What we’ve done is organize our videos in the order they’d appear in a classroom, and have provided simple instructions that get right to the heart of the subject. Rather than read through rigorous instructions found in a textbook, we cut right to the chase so you spend more time focusing on what’s important.

We ensure that our course material will meet and exceed the standards of your school. Think of our academy as a vitamin supplement to your learning or a Swiss army knife that you can take anywhere. As in all things in life, success depends on hard work; enrolling in our courses will ensure you’re always one step ahead of your peers. What better way to learn than to learn at your own pace with video content at your finger tips.

Our courses are currently being offered for free, but we plan to transition our service to a freemium model, where only the first unit and the first lesson of each subsequent unit are free. This model ensures that the integrity of our work is protected, and also gives future learners confidence in the product before buying.